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Blender 3D Basic Beginners Guide Second Edition.

A second edition book about the basics of learning 3D using Blender by Gordon Fisher.

Gordon Fisher has been at it since 2002 and has done amazing work for the US Army, Ford Motors, Dallas Cowboys among others. He is extremely skilled with blender and python and continues to teach others and write articles on the same.

The book is for Blender beginners. it’s a 489 page book broken down into chapters.

The author has taken the reader into a step by step process from first chapter  introduction to Blender 2.7 and animation in general to 12th chapter rendering and compositing.

He takes the time to explain Blender in detail so that a beginner can have a solid foundation on blender from animating simple objects to characters and using reference pictures that are simple to understand.

Animation has a deep and rich past and to understand any kind of animation whether 2D or 3D requires the understanding of how the work began with the likes of Walt Disney, Ivan Sutherland, John Lasseter. Really exciting just to know the journey from the birth of animation to now and the key principles of animation.

Cycles render engine can be a scare for some new comers into blender but the writer eases gently into it and in no time you will have a grasp of how it works.

A good read with enough examples and tests to grasp what is being taught.

Below is a link to http://goo.gl/lt9zNh PacktPub to get the book.

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